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What is Improv Comedy?
The invention of comic sketches on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience.   Sometimes the scenes involve pre-set characters or structures, but the actual content of each scene develops spontaneously onstage, as the actors cooperate to create it.

Who does It?
Anyone who likes to play with other people can learn to create and perform improvisational comedy.  We all have enormous amounts of comic and creative talent.   An Improv Comedy class teaches you how to free up that talent and how to focus it into effective onstage presentation of your ideas.

What can an Improv Comedy class give you?
bulletPractice in "thinking on your feet", and expressing your ideas effectively and confidently
bulletA chance to enjoy and expand your sense of humor
bulletMental flexibility
bulletLots of laughs
bulletA chance to develop creative thinking skills
bulletConfidence in your ability to handle whatever input comes your way
bulletPlaymates - similarly bright, creative, playful people

Who teaches it?
Jacquie LowellJacquie Lowell
, ex-New Yorker, daughter of an opera singer who grew up "playing with the Viking ships" backstage and "getting Jupiter to give me rides on his electric cloud" while her father rehearsed.  Jacquie has acted, sung and danced professionally; has taught improv in San Diego for the last 35 years; and has directed many local improvisational comedy performing troupes including Mixed Emotions, Out On A Whim, Planet Mirth, Mission Improvible, Creative Urges, and currently, Outside the Lines.  She also teaches creativity workshops for business and education worldwide, and has been creativity consultant to several school systems.


How can I get involved?

Class Information

For your chance to enjoy a variety of exercises
designed to spark creativity and humor in fun ways,
the next introductory evening for beginners is:

Monday, June 20, 2016 7:00–9:30pm

The cost is $20. Wear casual, comfortable clothing.

The ongoing beginners’ class will continue on Monday nights, starting June 27.

Intermediate through performance classes are ongoing, with admission by interview or audition.

For more information, including our new Bay Park location, contact Jacquie at or 858-581-0050.

wpe1.jpg (2243 bytes)Give the gift of creativity.
Call or e-mail Jacquie below for class gift certificates. 

For additional information, contact Jacquie Lowell through the Internet at: or by phone at: (858) 581-0050.

For Creativity Training and Workshops for Corporations, please see Jacquie Lowell's web site at


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